Top Motorcycles of 2016

If you are a motorcycle freak, you should be ready to enjoy some exclusive models this year. 2016 is rolling down, and top motorcycle manufacturers are making some great bikes for their customers. If you thought 2015 had the best models, wait till you test and feel the 2016 models. That said, here are the top motorcycles of 2016 that you would want to consider buying.

2016 Motorcycles

1. Honda CBR300R

This 2016 model is loaded with a 286cc engine, and it has better acceleration than the CBR250R model. With a weight of 357lbs, this machine is lighter than the predecessor, meaning that it is faster on the road. The bike has agile dynamics, and it has been designed for different roads. It is also loaded with ABS, Anti-lock Break System, which allows you to ride it in wet weather. The color theme is also classy, so you will be sure of riding this machine and enjoying the stylish theme.

2. Triumph Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville T120 is one of the top motorcycles of 2016 with a powerful engine. It has a potent 1200cc twin engine. The bike has a lighter crankshaft, a high-rate of exhaust and intake, a greater compression head. Also, this machine comes with an enhanced EFI tuning, along with sports mapping to suit different road types. It has a better torque of 82.6 lb/ft at 4950rpm. With this machine, you can enjoy the reliability and a powerful engine on the road.

3. Suzuki SV650

The 2016 Suzuki SV650 mimics the 1999 model, but with better performance. This bike has been enhanced in nearly every part. The horsepower has also been boosted, which is about 75, meaning that it is more powerful on the road. Also, it has a lighter weight that makes it faster, and you will find it easy when riding in the canyons.

4. Harley-Davidson Softail Slim–S

The Softail Slim S comes with an 110B motor for top speed and quicker acceleration. It also has a better torque of 109 ft/lbs, making it a great machine on the road that delivers excellent performance. The massive engine is meant to run this bike, which weighs 700 pounds. From a heavy engine to heavy weight, this bike is one of the priciest, but it performs greatly on the road.

5. Indian Scout Sixty

The manufacture of this Indian model, Polaris, has brought it back, and it comes with better enhancement. It has an 1133cc Twin with a horsepower of 100, so it is yet another heavy machine. It is also one of the most expensive and best-performing motorcycles. It has a five-gear transmission, which is one less than the predecessor, but still performs better.

These are the top motorcycles of 2016 that you should buy if you need a great machine. Some have a system that lets you switch between different modes to get the best results. These modes can be altered depending on the type of weather condition. If it is wet, the bike will still perform with elegance. Some are light enough to let you cruise in the canyon while some are heavy for a steady momentum when accelerating on the road. Regardless of what you want, you can be sure of getting a motorcycle that will not disappoint you.